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고객 여러분 안녕하십니까?

(주)이엠씨솔루션은 전자기적합성(Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) 분야에서 잘 알려진 미국 Amplifier Research 사의 국내 총대리점으로 2002년에 출발하였습니다.

그 동안 고객 여러분들의 따뜻하고 변함없이 베풀어 주신 사랑으로 EMC Test system의 Total Solution을 제공하는 TDK RF Solutions, Inc (구 EMC Automation),정전기(ESD) 및 과도전압(Surge, EFT등) 측정시스템의 선구자인 Haefely Test AG 등과 새롭게 대리점 계약을 체결하여 EMC대부분의 Total Solution을 제공할 수 있는 기반을 준비하게 되었습니다.

더불어 제조물 배상법과 관련하여 "Product Safety"측정기 및 관련 부품을 공급하는 ED&D와 여러 종류의 안테나를 공급하는 ARA와도 추가로 계약을 체결하였습니다.
저희 이엠씨솔루션은 최고의 제품과 기술로 고객 여러분들의 문제해결에 모든 노력을 다하겠습니다.

EMC Solutions is established in 2002 as an exclusive distributor of amplifier Research for the RF/MW amplifiers with related products of EMC market in Korea. We are in the business of sales, marketing technical support and engineering services.
Our main products and solutions are focusing EMC with Product Safety.

-Radiated & Conducted Emissions (commercial and military standard)
-Radiated & Conducted Immunity (commercial and military standard)
-Specialized Test System- Automotive, Telecom, Military, Aerospace and Medical
-EUT Data Acquisition & Monitoring System
-Harmonics & Flicker, ESD, Burst, Surge, etc.
-Product Safety (UL, EN, IEC, CE, CSA, etc.)
-Antennas (Wireless Telecom, HF/VHF, EMC)

Our mission is to continuously provide high-tech products & solutions of great value to customer's satisfaction assured with the commitment of continuous improvement internally. We welcome any other business opportunities and discussions, if you are looking for the partner who is highly experienced in test and measurement business in Korea. Thank you for visiting our web site!

-Radiated & Conducted Emissions
-Radiated & Conducted Immunity
-Specialized Test System- Automotive, Telecom, Military, Aerospace and Medical
-Specific Absorption Rate(SAR)
-RF/Microwave Amplifier(10KHz to 40GHz, 10,000Watt
-Antenna, Dual Directional Coupler, RF Field Monitoring & Probe
-EUT Data Acquisition & Monitoring System
-Harmonics & Flicker, ESD , Burst, Surge, etc.
-Anechoic Chambers & Shielded Rooms

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