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분 류 Transient Limiters
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LIT-930 (model)
9 kHz - 30 MHz, Transient Limiter (description)

150 kHz - 30 MHz, Transient Limiter

Transient Limiters
For Testing LISNs used for Conducted EMI Emissions Testing
For conducted EMC testing
Protects analyzer input
10 dB attenuator
High pass filter
3 year warranty

Transient Limiters to protect your Spectrum Analyzer input while performing conducted EMI emissions testing using LISNs
Transient limiter LIT-153 and LIT-930 protects a spectrum analyzer input from high-level transients from the line impedance stabilization networks during EMC conducted emissions testing. It has a combined frequency range of 9 kHz -30 MHz. The built in high pass filter helps reduce 50/60 Hz line feed through.

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